The Limit Does Not Exist Talks Community, Connection, and Creative Success

The concept of agreement, business, cooperation, partnership and successful.

The concept of agreement, business, cooperation, partnership and successful.

Many creative people, at some point, feel the need to leave their art behind to get a more stable career, or find themselves doing well in an industry they never imagined themselves in; some people even leave good jobs to go scoop ice cream in Hawaii. But whether you’re an astrophysicist who loves ballet or a computer programmer who also writes poetry, podcast hosts Christina Wallace and Cate Scott Campbell think you shouldn’t have to choose. So on their podcast, The Limit Does Not Exist, they give you concrete tools and entertaining, informative interviews to help you build an interdisciplinary career “as unique and dynamic as you are.” On this episode, they sit down with Stephanie Pereira, community engagement expert and director of the New York arts incubator NEW Inc, about how she went from crying in a cubicle to loving her career (“Important note: tacos were involved”), and what she’s learned about building a community to launch creative ideas into the stratosphere. 

Stephanie has a BFA in Visual Art and a Master’s Degree in Arts Administration; Cate is curious about how and why she went from the creative to the business side of the arts, and in an M. Night Shyamalan twist, Stephanie tells us that her mother actually made her go to art school. “That’s the first time that’s been said on this show!” Cate exclaims. She majored in photography “because it was get the grades,” not because she had any passion for it; while she enjoyed making things, she “was never going to be an artist.” But she discovered that she was good at the business side of the arts, where most of her artist friends weren’t. “I also learned that I love spending time with artists. I love being in art spaces,” she says. “I really wanted them to be successful so there could be more of that in the world.” 

She got her master’s because she applied, again on a whim, to one grad school and got accepted, so her path in life “was really just kind of lazy and random,” she says ruefully – until she was studying arts administration and realizing that “there was this whole business field related to this world that I really cared about...I started to be super intentional about how I moved through my career.” Christina loves that this came up, she says, because it’s important to distinguish between true laziness and just not being connected to what you’re doing. “When you do stumble on that thing that gets you fired up, all of a sudden, you're doing the work. You're showing up. You're making the choices, and it's not hard because it's exactly what gets you out of bed in the morning.” 

Join Christina, Cate, and Stephanie for a great conversation full of Kickstarter campaign tips from Stephanie’s six years on their leadership team, why she thought the NEW Inc program was so important to create, how to build a community around your creative work, and so much more on this episode of The Limit Does Not Exist

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