Dustin Lynch Talks New Album, Upcoming Tour And His First Break Up

Dustin Lynch Talks New Album, Upcoming Tour And His First Break Up

Dustin Lynch Talks New Album, Upcoming Tour And His First Break Up

Dustin Lynch celebrated the release of his brand new album Tullahoma with an iHeartCountry Album Release Party in New York City. Fans who traveled from all over the country got to enjoy an intimate show featuring performances of songs off the new record along with older hits.

Lynch kicked off his set with a performance of his 2017 hit single "Small Town Boy" followed by his latest single, "Momma's House." The lyrics find Lynch singing about the aftermath of a difficult breakup in a small town.

"For me, this song is something I've lived. I think for anybody who's been through a breakup, you know it sucks, right? Well, in a small town, it really sucks," Lynch said. "Because if you date a girl in high school, at least where I'm from, all your friends are dating the rest of the girls. So if you break up, it's over," he says, adding with a laugh, "I mean you're done until you move."

Breaking up in a small town is something the Lynch had to experience firsthand in high school. "I thought the world was over," he recalled of his first breakup. He went on to credit John Mayer for helping him get through rough patch. "The John Mayer record, Continuum- I leaned on it hard," he revealed. "You know when you go through a break up, I think that's when guys finally hear the lyrics. I learned that those soapy jams all the sudden kind of meant something."

After performing "Momma's House," Lynch played a fan-favorite which is also on his new album called "Ridin' Roads." Before playing the single, he explained how the song was inspired by his friend's Instagram story of his friend with a few girls dancing and having a crazy time. "I watched his Instagram story and I go 'If that ain't a country song!" Lynch exclaimed.

Next, Lynch played the lead single from Tullahoma called "Good Girl" which he immediately followed with another new track, "Dirt Road." After playing a few newer songs, it was time for Lynch to bring it back to some of his earlier fan-favorite hits starting with "Where It's At" and "Mind Reader," both featured on his 2014 sophomore album, Where It's At.

Of course the night wouldn't be complete without a performance of the song that started it all. The chart-topping song, "Cowboys and Angels" was the debut single off his self titled album released in 2012. Before singing the heartfelt ballad, Lynch took a moment to express his appreciation for his career and music in general. "I never dreamed this would be real life," he said. "There's just something special about music that brings us all together. We get on a wavelength."

As his set started to come to a close Lynch performed "Red Dirt, Blue Eyes" followed by his unique mix of Maroon 5's "This Love" and Lynch's "I'd Be Jealous Too." The night ended with a fiery performance of his hit song, "Seein' Red."

Lynch's iHeartRadio Album Release Party performance is just the start for the singer as he plans to hit the road for his "Stay Country Tour" kicking off on January 30. Joining him on the road as the opening act is rising star, Travis Denning, who Lynch calls "a great entertainer."

"I'm so excited to have Travis out. It's tough picking an opening act so if there's a tie, I just go, 'Who would I rather drink beer with?' Travis won," he jokes.

Later on this summer, Lynch will also join Old Dominion on the road for select dates of their "We Are Old Dominion Tour" launching on May 5 in Key West, Florida. "I'm such a big fan of Old Dominion. I said yes immediately," Lynch shared. "Matt Ramsey is one of my favorite singers on Earth. He actually has a song on this album as well called 'The World Ain't Yours and Mine.' I'm excited to go do a tour with them and also write a lot of songs with them."

Dustin Lynch iHeartRadio Album Release Party Setlist:

  1. "Small Town Boy"
  2. "Momma’s House"
  3. "Ridin’ Roads"
  4. "Good Girl"
  5. "Dirt Road
  6. "Where It’s At"
  7. "Mind Reader"
  8. "Cowboys and Angels"
  9. "Red Dirt, Blue Eyes"
  10. "I’d Be Jealous Too" / "This Love"
  11. "Seein’ Red"

Photo: Todd Owyoung for iHeartRadio

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