The Time B Went Bobsledding

One time this year in 2018 little ole B decided that she would pursue becoming a bobsled champ UNTIL one of the coaches crushed her dreams to the floor and told her that she was a bit to small aka short to go out for bobsled.

 In my mind though I couldn't walk away from the experience not knowing what it was like so I traveled my little hinee all the way to Park City, Utah where all the big dog winter athletes train, signed myself up for a $75 professional bobsled ride and boom. It was a done deal and one of the top coolest things that I could ever do in my 22 years of living. We came in a "fake" 2nd place, we hit 75 miles per hour and I swore I was concussed for about 5 hours afterwards but I would do it over and over again if I lived in Park City. 

Highly recommend 10/10.

The Real B Brooks

The Real B Brooks

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