B's Top 3 Favorite Products for January!

So we all have some essentials that we can't live without and I kind have different ones every month SO I have decided to share some of my essentials that I could not live without in January for ya! Starting with number one down below.

1.) One of the things I can't live without in the month of January is my Young Living Essential Oil "Thieves". In January, there are a lot of icky colds going around, and just a lot of icky stuff in the air and this thing has been my saving grace. It helps your immunity system FIGHT. I know I sound like a crazy voodoo lady but I keep this thing in my backpack and whoever says that they are coming down with the slightest cold, I whip this thing out and make them rub this thing on their neck. I SWEAR BY THIS OIL. CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT.

2.) If anyone knows me, they know that I RARELY leave the house without something covering my head. I just love the feeling of something on my head...I don't know...maybe it's a comfort thing..but if I'm not wearing a headband, there's a chance I have one of my favorite beanies on my head. You know how sometimes people have like a HUGE shoe or purse collection? Well I have a massive beanie collection. It's pretty much my ride or die.

3.) One of the last items that I can't live without has definitely got be my Alo Aloe Drink. This thing seriously is the bomb diggity. Aloe is great for inflammation and your digestive sitch and really great for you overall. This thing tastes like a little surprise and there isn't one flavor I don't like. Be careful not to drink more than 2 of these a day though. Member how I said this is good for your tummy....yeah that means you and the bathroom might be good friends...


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