B's Thank You Note (Taco Edition)

Dear Tacos,

It's ya girl B. I know that you know me very well. We definitely are not strangers of any kind. I just wanted to reach out and write you and tell you a huge thanks for always being on my side. Every time I go out with the ladies for dinner, lunch, heck even breakfast, there is never an argument of what to eat when it comes to you. No matter where I get you from whether its Taco Bell, Hacienda Colorado, El Taco Rey, or even Del Taco, you never disappoint. You always come through when I need you the most and I am so dedicated to that commitment that you give me every time. You have never failed me nor have you ever made me sick and I know that if I ever want to splurge or eat healthy, there is always a version that works of you. I can dress you up, I can dress you down, you always come through and I am indicted to you for that for always. Thank you.

Love you friend always,

-B  ♥  


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