B's Current Favorite Artist

We all have a favorite artist or artists that we will love until the end of time. Some old, some new, some in between, and some that we don't even have a reason for why we like them so much so I thought it would be a great idea for me to share with you who my favorite artist is currently! It no doubt has got to be Diplo. Diplo is one of those people that no matter how old I get, he will most definitely be my favorite artist. His music, his humor. Even though he is literally old enough to BE my dad, he is daddy to me in many ways... lololololol

If you ever want a good laugh or want to follow an artist that doesn't take life to seriously or worry about perfection, you definitely have to follow Diplo on all of the social media handles that you can. At 10pm at night, you would actually be rollin. He has something funny to tell ya at any time of the day.

To me, Diplo is the man with a plan and the man with the spiciest bun. ♥


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