B's Fave Fast Food Restaurants

I don't normally eat fast food but there are times when it is hard to pass up for me especially when I am on trips and such so if I am confronted with a situation where I HAVE to choose fast food, these are the fast food options that I would probably give into. I do like a lot of eating out options but I considered this blog one where I would have to choose from food chains that are considered FAST food options. ☺

1.) Taco Bell

I do love me a crunchwrap supreme and don't have to think twice about if we make a choice to stop at Taco Bell.

2.) Chick Fil A

I honestly could eat chick fil a every single day without getting tired of it. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, I can hang with Chick Fil A whenever. FOREAL

3.) Chipotle

Chipotle is definitely one of the healthier options from the fast food list and one that I will always try to choose before I jump straight to Taco Bell. I've loved Chipotle even when they meat was making people sick. Yes, I didn't eat it for awhile but then I went right back and started grubbin right where I left off. Love my beans.

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