B's Top Spot for Some Pamper Time 💮 Centre Salon & Spa

Ya Girl B is all about the pamperin herself whatever that may look like. Especially if that comes to any spa services whether that be a facial or a massage or any eyebrow wax. My FAVE place that I love to swing by when I am starting to feel myself fall out of my spunk is Centre Salons in Denver.

I have been working with an esthetician named Nouny for about a month now and she has been teaching me A TON about my dry Colorado skin and how unfair I have been to my skin care in general (in the sweetest way possible of course 😊) It has been so pleasant learning about the appropriate items to use on my skin and how skincare can only take up a small amount of time during your day even when you are in a crunch. It's been so nice to get on this new health kick journey with Nouny and Centre Salons & Spas.

Here are a few of my favorite products that I have been using lately that have been feeling so STINKIN good on my skin and that I am low key starting to obsess over...

  1. Daily Light Guard Sunscreen
  2. Chakra 5 Balancing Mist
  3. Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion
  4. Tulsara Calm Toner
  5. Tulsara Renew Morning Cream
  6. Tulsara Masque Eye Cream
  7. Botanical Purifying Gel Cleanser

Not only is Nouny helping me transform my skin but she is also helping me understand that "treating yourself" doesn't have to be a rare occasion and should be something you focus your time on FOR YOU. So happy to have found Centre Salons & Spas.

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