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Jason Whitlock on LeBron's Future: 'I Think He's Committed to Retirement'

Jason Whitlock: “I think as of right now LeBron plans to retire for one year. He wants to sit out a year and enjoy what he thinks will be his son’s one college basketball season, and then he's going to rejoin the NBA when he thinks his son is going to join the NBA. It's no big deal retiring and then coming out of retirement. All the great athletes do it. They flip-flop on retirement all the time. I think LeBron James in his mind has made it up that ‘look, I've been playing basketball throughout all of my kids’ years of development, I'm gonna take one year off, watch my boy play college basketball, help my youngest boy through his sophomore or junior year of high school basketball, come back and play one more year with my son, and then go back into retirement and be there for his oldest boy to go through his senior year of high school basketball and wherever he plays college basketball.’ I think LeBron is committed to retirement. I don't think he believes he can put together a team in LA during this off season that can win a championship. I think he will dangle himself. This is a total manipulation move by LeBron. His son's not that good. He's not a ‘one and done’ NBA player, he's probably not even an NBA player, but LeBron's going to dangle himself out there to some team next year—‘ I'll come play with you if you draft my son and if you have a team that can put us in Championship contention.’ His son's not going to be a big-time talent and so a good team later in the draft will be able to get him in the first round, and put some other pieces around where LeBron thinks he can go steal another championship. If that's the Golden State Warriors who draft him and he goes and plays with a 36-year old Steph Curry, the Denver Nuggets, whoever's hot at that time, that's what I think LeBron's game plan is.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ predict how LeBron James’ immediate NBA future will unfurl, as LeBron’s cryptic post-game comments after the Lakers’ Game 4 sweeping at the hands of the Nuggets has led to people believing the 38-year-old is seriously contemplating retirement.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he believes LeBron will retire for one season, follow his oldest son Bronny’s lone college basketball season, and then return one year later and attempt to package himself with Bronny to whichever team would be willing to draft his son.

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