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Jason Whitlock Says 'Angry Feminists and Racists' Will Ruin Caitlin Clark

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless explain why he thinks Caitlin Clark is the modern-day Jackie Robinson in a hostile WNBA that hates her. 

Check out the segment below as Whitlock details how a league full of ‘angry, racist, and gay feminists’ will try to destroy Clark in an attempt to wipe away the narrative that a little White, heterosexual girl from Iowa saved their league.

Jason Whitlock: “What Caitlin Clark is experiencing is unprecedented. 
Take Tiger Woods when he went into the PGA Tour and started dominating. He was met with resistance, jealousy, pettiness, and racism. But just like Jackie Robinson, he could control his level of success. All he needed was a golf ball and a set of clubs. There's nothing his opponents could do to stop Tiger Woods. He was in control of his success. He wasn't relying on teammates or other golfers to help him be successful. That's the disadvantage Clark has. 
I’m speculating and I don’t know the dynamics of the Indiana Fever, but if they're like the other 11 teams in the WNBA there's some women on that team that do not like Caitlin Clark. They're jealous of Caitlin Clark. They hate the whole narrative that this White girl is saving, elevating, and making the WNBA prominent. Caitlin Clark is on an island and she's dependent on people around her to help her be successful individually and as a team. I have not seen this.  
Is she facing the kind of death threats and physical harm that Jackie Robinson was? No, but in every other way she's facing more resistance and has less control of her success than Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson could go step into that batter's box and put the wood to that baseball three out of every ten times and be a success. He played first base -- someone makes a bad throw to him, and the error isn't credited to Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson could be an individual success and he played on a team that was at a championship level when he arrived.  
I've watched all five Fever games. They're getting better but it's mostly a clown show. This Aliyah Boston that they made the first pick last year -- I don't see it. How was she the number one overall pick? She can't help, she's not a number one overall pick. One of the big mistakes they made this draft – if you’re taking Caitlin Clark and you anticipate what's about to happen to Caitlin Clark with all of the animus, all of the hostility, all the attention, and all the focus, how do you not draft that Kate Martin with your second pick? It's just a no-brainer decision. You pair her with her teammate from Iowa so that she's not so isolated. 
It ain’t just the Black girls that got a problem. That LGBTQ army has a problem with Caitlin Clark. I appreciate the fact that some people are trying to cape up and throw some sympathy Caitlin Clark's way, but It’s not going to work. That's a group of angry feminists and racists in the WNBA.  
Remember Paige Bueckers received some award and spoke at the ESPYs? She went out of her way to thank the Black players that ‘paved the way for her’. This is all the stuff that's required; you got to bend the knee to the ‘Yasss Queens’, and to this protected and celebrated group of angry women. You have to kiss their rear end. That’s the environment we have created. It’s a very racist environment and everybody is in denial about it. Even the people defending Caitlin Clark won't go at it head first. 
Trust me, if this were happening to a Black girl and she went into tennis... If Serena Williams and Venus Williams have been facing all kinds of petty and jealous comments from Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert, Steffi Graf, and Anna Kournikova, and people were sitting on TV taking little snide pot shots, and talking about ‘Well, ya know, it’s Serena, Venus, AND Martina Hingis that are bringing all of this attention!’... Martina Hingis? What she got to do with all of this? This is Venus and Serena doing all of this. People would call it ‘racist.’ If LeBron really wanted to say something, he would call it out for what it is... It's racist. You angry, racist, gay feminists – cut it out. This woman is making people actually watch your game. They’re now flying charter. Could you imagine being the person that made that possible and all you get is hate and animus for no reason in a league that loses money? But they’re hating on this girl. 
Jemele Hill’s comment in the Los Angeles Times was ‘hey, look, some of her popularity has to be credited to her race and sexuality.’... Make sure someone records this moment because I’m about to agree with Jemele Hill. I don't think there's anything all that bad about what Jemele Hill said, and I don't think it's inaccurate. The fact that she's White and playing in a sport that has been dominated by Black women, and she's heterosexual in a sport and a culture that has been dominated by the LGBTQ – yes, that's part of the reason why people are watching. That's part of the reason why I bought a WNBA League Pass. I find her fascinating. A little White girl from Iowa playing against quite a few Black women who hate her. I find that fascinating. No different than me finding Tiger Woods fascinating. Little Black dude from California playing against a lot of White dudes that didn't like him and he was dominating. I found that fascinating. 
Jemele is speaking facts here. Part of her popularity is the fact she's heterosexual. Part of her popularity is the fact she's White. Neither one of those things are negatives to me. They're actual things that I'm reacting to. I like her because she's heterosexual. I want to see less tattoos and less women pretending to be men in organized sports. I want to see women who are comfortable being women play these sports, act like a woman, dress like a woman, and present themselves like a woman. I was a bit critical of Angel Reese earlier, but the reason I like Angel Reese is because she presents herself as a proud woman. I like it. I don't want to see tatted up women pretending to be men. I just don't want to see it and I have a right to feel that way. The racial component I find fascinating. I like rooting for underdogs whether it's Tiger Woods, Caitlin Clark, or Jackie Robinson. I'm consistent in that way.” 

Jason Whitlock: Why Caitlin Clark is the Modern-Day Jackie Robinson

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