Doug Gottlieb: Jalen Hurts Isn't Good Enough to Be a Starting Quarterback

Doug Gottlieb: “Jalen Hurts is not good enough. He ain’t going to be good enough this year, and he ain’t going to be good enough next year… Everyone has the same experience of him – he’s a good leader, he’s solid, he’s tough, he can move, he can throw, but he’s not a progression guy, he’s not crazy accurate, and you’re better off with some read-option, one read, and if you don’t see it, RUN. That has a short shelf life as a starter in the NFL. He’s a really good backup, and he can be a good Taysom Hill type. THAT’S what he can be. Alabama experienced that, Oklahoma experienced that, and the Eagles have experienced that… Carson Wentz WON yesterday. When you hear Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson you understand that Jalen Hurts and Nate Sudfeld ain’t good enough, and the Eagles are sitting there going ‘If we trade him, we kill our cap, we don’t have the quarterback outside of Carson Wentz on our roster, and it would be incredibly difficult to find another quarterback in order to replace Carson Wentz’… Doug Pederson cannot win without Carson Wentz.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he doesn’t think the Philadelphia Eagles have a future with rookie backup Jalen Hurts becoming their starter next season, and why he doesn’t believe Eagles head coach Doug Pederson can win without Carson Wentz.

Hurts went 1-3 as a starter with 6 TDs, 4 INTs, a 52.0% completion percentage, and a passer rating of just 77.6, but he beat the Saints in his first-ever start, put up over 400 yards of offense in both Weeks 15 and 16, and obviously took a loss because of Nate Sudfeld’s striking incompetence vs. Washington in Week 17.

Wentz ranked second to last in the NFL in passer rating, second to last in completion percentage, third to last in yards per attempt, and led the league in interceptions, and sacks taken despite only playing in 12 games.

Check out the video above as Doug details why he believes the Eagles coaching staff, front office, and many of the players in that locker room are covertly siding with Wentz to regain his starting job next season.

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